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Brunch with strangers : Edition 1

Meddlesome Moth

Hello everyone,

Happy New Year! First blog of the year, I sometimes slack because of work and studies. Ha-ha always trying to get into “formation” by Beyoncé .

I wanted to start a series of brunches called “BRUNCH WITH STRANGERS

I came up with this concept when I realized a lot of people are willing to online date or join “Meetup” to find some sort of companionship. I sometimes want to go to brunch but, I always have to comb through my contacts to find people.

So I decided why not BRUNCH with strangers. This year is about learning and increase.



So the first session was at Meddlesome Moth, I loved our waiter. He was patient and made sure to go above and beyond. I will definitely be coming back especially since my birthday is coming up, I’m looking for that spot this year.

It won’t be as extravagant as “Rosewood Mansion “last year. That was an awesome experience, I felt like it was my wedding but, I didn’t have to share the attention. Anyway I digress =)

Meddlesome Moth review: Loved our mimosas, they had a blueberry Mimosa for valentines. It was refreshing actually; sometimes I do tire from the usual orange mimosa. The food was good, what stood out for me were the names of the food item.” Like Mother and daughter reunion” Unique and intriguing right. Strongly recommend, inside you can have a super romantic night, at the bar you can watch spots and outside you can indulge is some “bromance” or sister sister time.



Brunch with strangers was Amazing. I was in my zone, good conversation and great food! Let’s do it again! RSVP next time for March. It will always be for a table of 8 ! Let’s mix and mingle.

Here are some of the pictures from the day.

2016-02-15 23.21.58.jpg


Remember M is for Brunch.


Queen of Brunch

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